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    Changing the world one person at a time.

  • My Favourite Quotes


    If it's to be.....it's up to me.


    You will get everything you want in life if you first help others get what they want.


    Do what you love ...and love what you do.


    Why you should work with me


    My name is Marilyn Jones & I live with my husband Peter in Durban, South Africa.

    We have been married since 1975.

    We emigrated from Oldham near Manchester in the UK to South Africa in 1982 to start a new life with our two young daughters. We have lived here ever since.


    I have been a housewife since our wedding day. In 2007 I finally made a decision to become computer literate and I searched online for ways to earn some extra money. In the beginning I joined anything and everything that was offered to me, but soon realized that was not the way to go.


    I have since discovered that success is normally determined by these simple attributes: determination, commitment, persistence, patience, communication,

    but above all .....TEAM WORK!


    I realized that it's not always the money, the product or the company that's important.

    It is the RELATIONSHIP (Business and Personal) that is developed when you choose to work with someone.

    It's the excitement of reaching out to someone new from the other side of the world or even within the same neighbourhood & knowing that somehow we really are connected.


    I've met some wonderful inspiring people through internet marketing & have developed some very special friendships with them, as you will read in the Testimonials below.

    This is the reason why I'm here: to share ideas and hopefully build relationships with those of you who choose to work with me. I want to help you all to grow by sharing the knowledge I have now gained.

    Please join me on a journey to becoming financially free with the ONE business I guarantee will take us there.


    Connect with me through my Social Media links or use the form at the bottom to send me a message.


    I look forward to connecting with you all.


    PLEASE NOTE - I prefer to use emails or texting on Skype and on Facebook, rather than speaking on the phone or on Skype, as I have struggled with tinnitus for many years and my hearing has suffered as a result.

    I don't want there to be any misunderstanding if I cannot hear clearly.

    However, I have never allowed this to stop me from pursuing my passion in working online.


    I don't use WhatsApp either as I specifically chose not to own a smartphone :-)

    My desktop computer is all I have ever needed.

    Life for me is much simpler that way ....but it's also VERY effective. ;-)



  • Profits4Us

    This is not the official Profits4Us website. It is a marketing tool used by Marilyn Jones, an Independent Associate of the company.

    Learn how you can earn an extraordinary monthly income and fire your boss within 12 months.

    Our International website will be up and running SOON! South Africans can join both. Earn in US Dollars as well as in Rands! Contact me to be notified when we will be launching.


    The Profits4Us Group is a unique South African business initiative, a multi-faceted, entrepreneurial business concept offering members and customers a multitude of business options, income opportunities, products, services, features and benefits.


    Paul von Wildenrath is the CEO of the Profits4Us Group, and is based in Pretoria.
    He took 5 years to put his Community Assist Program together, and people can now subscribe to it from as little as R50 pm.
    Through his knowledge of retail and network marketing, his knowledge of mathematics, the Laws of Physics and the Principles of Leveraging, Paul has built a strong business platform and infrastructure for each of us to make a lot of money from.


    Profits4Us CAN and WILL work for EVERYONE.

    Every parent wants the best for their kids, and they all know that the job market is getting tougher and more selective as more and more kids leave school, college and varsity every year, and all go out looking for work.
    How would you like to secure your child's financial future BEFORE he/she leaves school, so they never have to go looking for a job?

    Parents can register their children who will then earn money with Profits4Us.

    NOTE : under 18’s must be signed for by their parents or guardians.

    They will be able to use Profits4Us to instill the value of money in their children and will never again have to fork out for airtime, data, clothes, bikes, cars, new phones and whatever else the child wants, as they will be able to buy these items for themselves, using their own money.

    Every parent wants the best for their kids! What greater gift can they give a child, for just R50 pm outlay?

    Profits4Us can help you do that.



    School principals and teachers who get involved in our Community Assist Program (CAP) can generate income through parents and scholars and their close friends and families, all making small monthly contributions each. Scholars who join the program (under 18’s must be signed for by their parents or guardians) will leave school with their own entrepreneurial businesses and incomes already established and will never have to go looking for a job.

    Profits4Us can help you do that.



    Churches can sign up their affluent parishioners who can then help the less affluent to sign up via sponsorships and advice, and still earn from them when they do join the Profits4Us Program.

    The congregation as a whole will become more affluent and will be able to help others in turn.
    With the church at the pinnacle of this Program, it will become wealthier and will be able to do a lot more charitable and missionary work in their own and other communities.

    Profits4Us can help you do that.


    How would you like to earn a supplementary income that takes care of your overheads in between vehicle sales?

    How many of your customers do you think would like to pay off their cars in 10-18 months instead of 4-6 years, and save on interest? Then they can come back and buy a more expensive car from you, or even two cars, sooner.
    Profits4Us can help you do that.


    How would you like to earn a supplementary income that takes care of your overheads in between property sales?
    How many property leads do you think you could get if you could show your clients how to reduce their bond repayment period from 20-30 years down to 3-5 years?
    Profits4Us can help you do that.


    Unsuccessful job applicants are money walking out the door. Wouldn't you like to give them an income opportunity, and make money off them instead of letting them just walk away?
    Profits4Us can help you do that.


    For business owners Profits4Us offers a complete Managed Account Service with your own Account Manager (AM). You supply your AM with leads and the AM will contact them, explain what P4Us can offer them and register them under you. Ask me for more details.


    If you have your own business or you are a senior staff member in another business, you are welcome to contact our CEO about listing your web site in our online shopping mall, OurMall, where members and visitors can come and buy from you.

    Please note that this does not include other MLM businesses, only your normal core business if you have one.

    If you don't have a web site, you can rent shopping cart software from us for just R695 pm, instead of paying a web designer to build you a web site costing over R35,000. You are in control, you can update items and prices in an instant and even change templates, logos, etc whenever you want to.

    Profits4Us can help you do that.



    Employers Join our Program, sign up your staff members, issue our debit cards to them and get our FREE payroll service for fast, secure, low cost salary payments.
    You can also use the Profits4Us Income Plan as a Staff or Customer Incentive Plan, or as a high-paying Retirement Plan for you and your staff. Retire in comfort!
    Profits4Us can help you do that.


    SkillSearch is a program we set up to help people who are unemployed or underpaid, including the elderly and the disabled. The idea is to enable them to generate an excellent, regular income doing what they do best without having to answer to a boss or step outside their comfort zone, and restore their dignity.
    Everyone has skills or talents that others need, eg: being able to repair or make household items, teach subjects, personal taxi service or removals, rent out machinery, etc. So why not earn a double income by joining our team?
    Profits4Us can help you do that.


    The Profits4Us Information Videos

    See why you should join profits4us

    Click at either side of the page after watching each video to return to this page.


    "Introduction to the Profits4Us Group."

    This video is an introduction to the Profits4Us Group, our Community Assist Program (C.A.P.) and some of the primary products and services we offer to registered members.


    "Profits4Us' Integrity, Safety and Trustworthiness."


    "Profits4Us General Overview."


    "Profits4Us' Most Frequently Asked Questions"


    "Profits4Us Overview for Merchants and Employers."
    Showing All Features and Benefits and how the P4Us Account Manager concept works.


    "Overview of the Profits4Us SkillSearch and SkillStore Programs."


    "Overview of one of Profits4Us main products - Precious Metals."

    How to convert your devaluing paper currency into real money, in order to preserve your wealth.



    "The Difference Between Profits4Us precious metals and Karatbars gold."


    "Profits4Us 2-in-1 shopping cart and web site software rental service."


    "The Difference between the Profits4Us Income Plan and Loyalty Programs."


    "Information about the Profits4Us Community Assist Program's OurStore, OurMall and OurDirectory."




    "The Diamond Cash Card from Profits4Us"

    The Diamond Cash Card is a prepaid MasterCard debit card, and is one of Profits4Us' primary products. Every customer can purchase a card from OurStore, and all members who subscribe to our Community Assist Program (CAP) from as little as R50 pm are given a free card when they are earning R350 pm or more in commissions.


    "The Profits4Us Business Training Library and Sales Training Videos."


    Profits4Us has physical and virtual products and services that everyone can make use of.
    Our compensation plan is so easy it can be explained and understood in less than a minute


    SHARE the excellent Profits4Us Business Opportunity with friends, family and co-workers AND GET PAID!
    Plus so much more...


    We are ONLY seeking SERIOUS and AMBITIOUS network marketers to join our team. If you believe you have what it takes to become a member of our strong South African team, we need to be sure that you qualify as a potential team member. Can you honestly answer YES to the following questions?


    1)Are you computer literate with access to a computer, laptop and/or a smartphone with sufficient data to work online, attend our online presentations and training?


    2) Can you afford to subscribe at the recommended R200 a month as a Sales Manager (R315 on registration then R200 a month thereafter until you break even?) Will you work consistently until you have 10 or more like-minded people joining with you, one person at a time and with my help and guidance? We will then work together on helping YOUR 10 to find 10 each.

    I can share many resources with you to use.

    If funds are very limited and you are serious, you can still join us but on the lower subscriptions either as a Sales Person at R50 (R165 on registration then R50 a month thereafter) or as a Supervisor at R100 (R215 on registration then R100 a month.)


    Take time to learn the business and we will show you how to create an extraordinary income for yourself, and how to preserve it against inflation, devaluation and fiscal manipulation.


    Visit my P4Us website - http://bit.ly/2bb51jO

    Read everything under Program Info on the blue bar. It all reads like a manual so that you know exactly what is on offer.

    DON’T register yet! Contact me first to request our simple step by step guide on registering and paying your first subscription.


    Ready to join with me? Then contact me here in the message box below and ask for the PDF Presentation or add me on Facebook (Click on the FB icon below to go to my FB profile) and/or add a short message to my inbox there telling me and I will guide you on what to do next. Ask me for the "Step by Step" guide on how to register & pay for your first subscription.


    Are you IN or are you OUT?

  • Add a Message for me below.

    Ask for the Profits4Us PDF Presentation


    Please don't send me offers to join other businesses.

    I have firmly planted my flag now with Profits4Us

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  • Testimonials


    Testimonials from some of the people I have worked with over the years, who have remained good friends to this day. A HUGE THANK YOU to ALL of you.

    Carole Lesley Hyatt

    Artist & Website Owner - Newstart27

    Marilyn, simply put, is an inspiration. Her knowledge, patience & enthusiasm for her Internet marketing work is willingly shared with everyone having the appropriate credentials for creating/pursuing a successful business. Marilyn is a dear friend as well as a mentor & I consider it a privilege to be associated with her.

    Sue Bride

    Internet Marketer & Coach, Web Designer - Wordpress Specialist, Social Media Marketing, Pro Blogger

    Marilyn is always there to help and support her teams and believes in the personal touch when it comes to finding people to join her.

    Felicity-Ann McInnes

    Website Owner - Nuance2000

    If one wants an honest opinion of a self-dedicated person who believes in her product and knows exactly what she is talking about, then Marilyn is the one to approach. Without Marilyn's guidance and dedication in assisting me, I would have given up 'long ago' on the Art of Internet Marketing. You can neither go wrong by being involved with Internet Marketing, nor can you ask for a better person to explain the concept to you.
    Thank you Marilyn - You are simply the Best...


    Jerry Banberger

    Website Owner - Graphically Yours

    I know Marilyn to be a Mentor with a Servant's Heart. She tends her flock, always mindful of what is best for those who follow her, than what is best for herself.

    Robin Miller - Entrepreneur

    Marilyn found her "sweet spot" by building her team through relationships. She has a caring nature which attracts people to her quiet leadership skills. Marilyn works hard because she is passionate about what she does and is a delight to know.

    Angela Walker - Entrepreneur

    (Sadly no longer with us.

    RIP my dear friend.)

    Marilyn is passionate about what she does. She is very people orientated and believes in building a solid relationship with people before promoting her business. I highly recommend Marilyn as a leader and a mentor no matter what she is working on.

    Elaine Martin

    Bookkeeping Services

    Marilyn is highly motivated, hard working and very capable. She is a great team supporter ensuring her team are notified of changes and updated on new information. It is always a pleasure to be working with her and building a team together.

    Val Mitchell

    Professional Network Marketer

    Marilyn is a personal friend and also an excellent online marketer. She is a lady of integrity and can be trusted implicitly. She is a great supporter of her team and I am always very fortunate when working with her.

    Arnfried Klein-Werner

    CEO - Be Motivated Today

    Marilyn is the kind of person you want as your sponsor in any online business. She will be more dedicated to your success than you are. I have discovered this from personal experience in mentoring her and seeing how committed she is to supporting her team and how determined to ensure their success above her own.
    If you seriously want financial freedom using online marketing, then Marilyn is the person to ask to be your sponsor.

    Paul White

    Professional Network Marketer - Profits4Us

    I joined a different team in another online marketing business that Marilyn was in. This is where she came to my rescue, diplomatically pointing out an error I made with my marketing which could have easily cost me new members and earnings. I’ve been grateful to her since then, as being in a different team, she had nothing at all to gain by helping me!

    Anyone lucky enough to work with Marilyn is bound for success as she is a wealth of information which she shares willingly and has the ability to inspire others. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Marilyn's online capabilities to anyone. I am very proud to have her as my sponsor now.

    Leza Coreejes

    Official Agent - Pieter's GoKarts, Professional Marketer - 4Corners Alliance Group.

    If you are looking for a friend, a mentor, a dedicated and passionate teammate, then you look no further than Marilyn. Always there to help and guide you. Thank you Marilyn for always being there for me, no matter what.

    Mega Benade

    Professional Network Marketer - Profits4Us

    Marilyn you are truly an inspiration. I have had the pleasure of working with you a short while and nothing is ever too much trouble. You are always ready to assist and I thank you for all your guidance. You are truly a mentor with a heart of gold. I am ever so glad to know you and more so to be working with you. Thank you.

    Hennie Louw

    Professional Network Marketer - Be Motivated Today

    Marilyn has always been a good friend to me online. She has helped me in the past so many times and is always willing to help anyone online.

    Tilly Davies

    Social Media Manager

    I have known Marilyn for many years. Her knowledge and understanding of Internet Marketing inspired me to learn more and shaped my future. She is a loyal and dedicated coach and mentor. If you are looking to start your own business but need guidance, Marilyn will not disappoint. She has perfected ‘walking the extra mile’ and will leave no stone unturned to ensure your success. It is a privilege to work with Marilyn and I cannot thank her enough for what she has done in my life.

    Helen Daw

    Professional Network Marketer

    I first "met" Marilyn when we were both involved in an online opportunity, but in different teams. She freely offered great advice to all members, regardless of whose down line we were in. She also always knew the right questions to ask and then would share the answers with everyone! Since then we have chatted online frequently, and my confidence in her judgement grew to a level where I also joined her in another of her online businesses. She's not only a canny marketer, she's a lovely lady with a heart of gold!

  • My Skills



    These are the top skills which my LinkedIn contacts have endorsed me for.


    Team Building

    Online Marketing

    Email Marketing

    Relationship Marketing

    Social Media Networking

    Affiliate Marketing