Intro to our Profits4Us Bitcoin Accumulation Program (BAP)

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    By converting our original Profits4Us into a Bitcoin-based matrix program plus by adding our sideline products of precious metals which customers can purchase, we are DEFINITELY on the right track!


    Introduction to Profits4Us and the Bitcoin Accumulation Program.
    My name is Marilyn Jones and I am an independent associate of the Profits4Us Group.

    Profits4Us can be described as an online retail company with an MLM-type compensation plan. I would like to tell you about our company and our products, and why it is a good idea for you to consider purchasing a position in our Bitcoin Accumulation Program (BAP) if you meet our criteria.
    We are also accredited resellers of gold, silver and platinum bars in tradeable sizes for South Africa’s top precious metals refinery.
    Bitcoins are topical, and their value is soaring as people around the world move away from centralised banking and start taking control of their wealth themselves.
    Our BAP program facilitates the spread of awareness of Bitcoins and enables hard working people to generate a sizeable income from the sales they make in our program.

    Cost and Commissions:
    People who meet our profile criteria can buy positions in our BAP program for 0.10 BTC each, and they may purchase more than 1 position. Our members are our salespeople.
    They and the 7 people above them each earn a 10% commission on every sale made within their hierarchy. So the members earn 80% of every sale, and admin earns 20%.
    We have devised an MLM-type reward structure with a 5x8 matrix, where commissions are paid member-to-member, directly into their Bitcoin wallet accounts, immediately a sale is made, so there is no waiting until the end of the month to be paid.

    Profits4Us is a direct payment program. When someone buys a position in the BAP program, the buyer pays their 8 upline members their commissions directly, ie: not through the company.
    Payment of the 0.10 BTC is divided between 8 upline members, each receiving 0.01BTC and Admin receiving 0.02BTC. These payments must be made to the 9 recipients within 2 hours of registering, and the 9 recipients (including admin) have 24 hours in which to confirm receipt of payment. This is to ensure that everyone is checking their Profits4Us back office daily and running their businesses efficiently.


    A filled 5x8 matrix will produce a total of 4,882.80 BTC for an outlay of 0.10 BTC, a substantial return on your investment (ROI).

    Level 0: You
    Level 1: 5
    Level 2: 25
    Level 3: 125
    Level 4: 625
    Level 5: 3,125
    Level 6: 15,625
    Level 7: 78,125
    Level 8: 390,625
    Total: 488,280

    What is Required of You:
    To ensure the continued growth and success of the business, each new member must sell 5 or more positions in the program within 3 months or less. Once the quota of 5 has been met, that person’s account is permanently activated and they can retire if they so wish.

    Who Should Apply:
    We are looking for business-minded people who understand income and expenditure and profit and loss, ie: anyone who has ever owned or run a business is our ideal person. They must want to increase their income and be willing to work for it. They must be willing to get actively involved in what we do, ie: learn about Bitcoins; open Bitcoin wallet accounts; learn how the BAP program works; talk to people about it and sell the concept, as this will become their business under the umbrella of the Profits4Us Group.

    The Application Process:
    To make sure that we invite the correct people into our business, we first send a list of 30 questions to prospective members, with ‘yes/no’ answers. All questions must be answered honestly and to our satisfaction.
    We view their social and business profiles and decide if they are the 'right fit' for our business.
    If acceptable, we then give them our Tutorial and our website url so they can learn the business.
    2-3 days later, we send them a test paper with 60 questions to test their knowledge of our business, to make sure they have read and learned about it. The pass rate is 80%. This is part of the education and training program we run with every new member, to make sure they know what they are talking about, and that they will actually approach people to sell them the BAP concept.
    We then educate them on what Bitcoin accounts to open to receive commissions if they haven't already done so, and we give them a Referral Link to sign up from to register with the company.

    If you are interested in participating, you feel that you suit the required criteria and you are willing to make an effort to increase your income, please add a message in the box below with your name, country of residence, email and other contact details, and your Facebook/LinkedIn/Twitter profile page URLS.
    I will send you 3 Slide Share Presentations and our short questionnaire to complete and return to me.

    Then we can take the next step.

    I am looking forward to working with you all.



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    If you would like us to consider you as a member of our new Profits4Us BAP, fill out the form below and include your Facebook/LinkedIn and/or Twitter profile page urls so we know who you are.

    I am only looking for SERIOUS networkers who are willing to work together as a team, helping one another to reach financial freedom.

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